New album and European tour!

World citizen band - "Antares"

Album Release: August 25 2023
European tour: October 5-14 2023

This really is a top-notch international quintet, with each and every member bringing jaw-dropping virtuosity to the eleven original compositions.
Mike Gates, ★★★★☆

Here's a band that SOUNDS like a band!
George W. Harris,

ANTARES is propelled by a band that loves merging different musical styles, traditions, and influences from around the world. I look forward to more from the multi-talented World Citizen Band.
Tim Larsen,

"The album itself shines like a red giant, full of experiences, full of rumbling claims as well as contradictions, it opens up spaces that the band members know how to fill extensively with their joy of playing and living, so much so, that the spark immediately jumps over and even after repeated listening loses nothing of its musical compactness"

The World Citizen Band is an international contemporary jazz ensemble that originated in Berlin Germany in 2013. The band gathers musicians from all over the world with the intention of uniting different cultures through music.They are...
Uri Gurvich - Saxophone (New York, from Israel),
Ramiro Olaciregui -Guitar (Berlin, from Argentina),
Marcos Merino - Piano (Madrid, from Spain),
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - Double Bass (Aalborg, Denmark),
Rodolfo Zuniga - Drums (Los Angeles, from Costa Rica).
"Antares" is the second album by the World Citizen Band, named after a tune composed by drummer Rodolfo Zuniga. The name works both in English and in Spanish, showing the diverse nature of the band.The record contains musical contributions by all band members, composed specifically for the World Citizen Band. As such the album is a diverse and personal snapshot of the contemporary jazz scene through the lens of New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Berlin and Aalborg.

ANTARES by The World Citizen BandThe album "Antares" by World Citizen Band (WCB) is a diverse collection of compositions that showcases the band's ability to navigate a wide array of genres, from jazz to world music, while infusing their own unique style and interpretations.
With a collective of highly talented musicians, the WCB transcends boundaries and embraces a global perspective, incorporating diverse influences into their compositions.
Rodolfo Zuniga's title track, "Antares," is a fusion of contrasting musical sections that represent the unique characteristics of each musician in the band. The piece captures the creative nature and unity of the WCB. "St. Sulpice," written by Zuniga, reflects his experiences living in a small Swiss town and aims to convey a sense of openness and freedom. The slow contrapuntal melody and bass feature create a melancholic atmosphere.Kenneth Dahl Knudsen's composition, "Day One," is a melody filled with hope and balance. It explores textural chord progressions and multiple meter changes, symbolizing new opportunities emerging after conflicts. The saxophone solo builds up to a crescendo, representing a glimpse of a better life on the horizon.Ramiro Olaciregui's compositions, "CM's Blues," "Samba pra Kuki," and "Lotus," are dedicated to special individuals in his life. "CM's Blues" follows the classic blues form, while "Samba pra Kuki" combines Brazilian samba with intricate harmonies and modulations. "Lotus" showcases a contemporary jazz style with odd meters and an electric guitar presence, influenced by Ramiro's early exposure to progressive rock.Marcos Merino's "Verás Mijín" is an up-tempo swing jazz piece influenced by the jazz of the 1960s and artists like McCoy Tyner and the Jazz Messengers. It provides a space for improvisation, showcasing the band's jazz background. "¿Y Las Palabras?" draws inspiration from Brad Mehldau's covers of classic rock and Radiohead songs. It reflects Merino's growth as a musician through his collaboration with Ramiro and captures a rock-jazz fusion sound.Uri Gurvich's "Orient Express" is inspired by the iconic train journey from Istanbul to Western Europe, incorporating melodies and rhythms from Turkey, Egypt, and the Black Sea. It pays homage to Gurvich's Middle Eastern roots. "Magic Carpet" draws from slow meditative Arab spiritual music, inspired by the tales of "One Thousand and One Nights." Gurvich brings these compositions to the WCB, highlighting the band's ability to merge diverse musical traditions into a cohesive global sound.Overall, "Antares" by World Citizen Band is an album that celebrates the unity and diversity of the band members, showcasing their individual compositions and influences while creating a unique global music experience.

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